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Electrical systems for automation and warehouse management

All cellar under control

By automating a warehouse in order to have total control of oil production pursued. Currently the warehouse automation ends oil extraction as management tasks and filling deposits are made manually. Our system allows the custom automation filling, emptying and production data management.

Integral solution

Measuring Instruments: installation and assembly of sensors capture volume of oil in each tank. Ultrasonic sensors.

Control Centerbox winery: host the PLC control and touch screen PC or deposit control (configurable as needed).

Communications: network cabling sensor communication with central system or control panel.

Automated operations

  • Control state of deposits
  • Control of transfer pumps
  • Set maximum and minimum limits filling
  • System alarm built to avoid overflow and decanting to hours unwanted
  • Notices by email and connected to the central system
  • Databases of states and decanting
  • Other configurable particularities

User-friendly interfaces

We know how important it is for you that all workers in your cellar learn to quickly handle all the tools, so we strive to create easy-to-use screens to get not miss a second and you always know how to do what you want .

Warehouse control tools
Warehouse control interface Warehouse interface detail Interface deposits Warehouse Interface deposit detail

Process Architecture

Programmable Logic Controller

PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)

User interface

HMI (User Interface)

Local computer network or internet

PC (local computer network or internet)